Phil Collum been creating photographic art for more than 20 years, starting with his first 35mm camera (a gift from his father) when he was 15 years old. "Within a year I found myself passionately working in my high school darkroom," Phil says, "Experimenting with developing and enlarging techniques, and building a love for the art of photography." Over those first years Phil worked with a variety of 35mm and large format cameras, learning the foundation for what has become his life's passion.

Phil's love of photography followed throughout college and beyond. "I continued trying new techniques and developing my own photographic style. It began with fine art photography -- flowers, landscapes, architecture, and so on." Having developed skill in capturing unique and spontaneous moments in people, Phil began experimenting with journalistic-style event photography which led him to wedding and portrait photography. Phil studied and mentored under professional wedding photographer Marina Berkshire and others, studying time-tested techniques of skilled wedding photographers while further developing his craft and style. In 2008 Phil started the business of Phil Collum Photography, and in an instant it was no longer simply a hobby. Since that time Phil has found true passion in wedding and portrait photography.

Through the popularity of his unique and creative photographic style Phil was sought by commercial industries for editorial, advertising and marketing photography. Phil has since built an impressive portfolio in the commercial food-service industry of food & beverage photography.

Phil has worked through the digital age since its infancy. With an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies, Phil migrated to the digital form early and keeps himself on the cutting edge of digital imagery to this day. "I have an advanced knowledge of computer software. That gives me an edge in modern post-processing techniques. I love to create memorable images by applying an artistic eye in an all-digital environment – from capture, to process, to print." Today Phil employs a host of advanced professional equipment, creative techniques born from years of experience, and an efficient digital processing workflow to assure your images will be something to treasure. "I truly want to assure your satisfaction and exceed your expectations."

A local to the San Diego region, Phil has lived in San Diego for all of his adult life (and most of his childhood). After graduating from a local high school, Phil attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, before returning to San Diego. Today he lives in the heart of San Diego and has spent the last 20 years as a local law enforcement officer.

"I have built a reputation for reliability, ethical responsibility, and old-fashioned hard work - and I'm eager to keep it." A police officer by trade, Phil fully understands the importance of ethics in any profession – either law enforcement or photography. His trustworthy nature and professional integrity is one reason why clients readily trust their needs in Phil hands. "I conduct my business with a sense of responsibility and pride, knowing that my professionalism and reputation are at stake with each new client. You can trust that I'll be there, on time, ready to meet your needs to the fullest extent possible."

People naturally find Phil to be an open, friendly, and amiable personality. "I have always been quick to smile, easy to befriend, simple to collaborate with, and I work hard to put you at ease." Phil believes that, within the first few minutes of talking, you'll see why so many others have trusted his services. "I passionately believe in keeping you happy, decreasing your worries, and creating artistic images you will treasure for a lifetime."